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INKER d.d. Zaprešić is the only domestic producer of sanitary ceramics in Croatia.

The company whose headquarters is situated in the town of Zaprešić, a few kilometres west of Zagreb, was founded back in 1953. It started with the production of ceramic tiles and porcelain tableware and two years later it broadened the scope of its activities to sanitary ceramics.

In 1958 the company’s capacity reached its peak and, on the basis of their four-year experience, the expert and technical team was ready to develop new technologies and production design. The first sanitary products were presented to the public in the same year at the Zagreb fair.

The period until 1970 was characterized by numerous investments aimed at improving technological solutions while the 1970s saw more investments in modernizing the company. Thus, in 1972 Sanitarija was being reconstructed and new kilns introduced, while in the following year a new gas-masut station was put into operation. In 1977 a construction of factory in Dvor was set in motion followed by the factory in Orahovica only a year later.

The war turmoils during the 1990s considerably affected the company’s status and business success. On the one hand, a part of the market was lost and on the other, there was a stagnation both in development and technology.

In 1991 the company changed its name to INKER and in the following year it was transformed into a joint-stock company. Since the late 1990s till the present day the new ownership structure has been improving the quality and design of their products by modernizing the production and thus enabling the opportunities for a new business growth and for winning the European markets.

In 2006 the Spanish group ROCA Corporacion Empresarial S.A. took over INKER. The arrival of ROCA increased the production capacity by investing into new sanitary ceramics lines and it initiated the modernization of all the processes within the company.

Inker is a well known brand all over Europe and there is almost not a single household, school, hospital, institution or hotel in Croatia without at least some of INKER’s products.

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