Description of technological process of sanitary ceramics production

The factory of sanitary ceramics produces numerous sanitary articles such as: washbasins, toilet bowls, bidets, urinals etc. The raw materials used in the production process are of high quality and they are mostly imported from Germany, England, the Czech Republic and Italy while only a smaller percentage is exploited from Croatian mines. The sanitary ceramics factory fires the products in the most modern tunnel kiln, at the firing temperature of 1,200˚C.

The sanitary articles are of highest quality and they meet the European quality standards such as German DIN and Dutch KIWA. Regular testing procedures are used to control the quality parameters of Inker’s products, set by the abovementioned standards: hardness and resistance to sudden changes in temperature, humidity absorption, resistance of glaze to acid and alkali. A complete toilet flushing requiring only 6 l of water has been achieved.

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